Ray Nikolaison ConMan Fraud Thief of Reel Frogs Entertainment

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Yep another *** Man Thief who steals from the little guy or corporation

in promiss of making a movie or tv show to highlight your corporation, NEVER happens,,YOU ARE OUT THE MONEY YOU INVESTED he walks saying "it just didnt get off the ground!" Works under- Reel Frog Entertainment, Reel Frog Films, Reel Frog, Ray Nikplaison,, and half a dozen other names.

Please report this firm to the better business if cpntacted by one of there reps. They also work under the umbrella of doing religous films and donations for charity

we all know how that works Please beware


Byfield, Massachusetts, United States #178392

Please contact SAG they have a list of all the current scams going on or some what current. Next check with IMDb. i know they have put a block on his current projects, but older attemps are still posted. i can only guess its cause he pays his monthly IMDb fee. Last contact the Auther of the novel "you will not amount to anything"

she got her chain yanked by this firm.

As for IMDB credits,, im not sure if they do research do to the volume of inventory they must juggle each day for years,,

if trouble has come up with this firm, you and IMDb, contact the corp headquarters at AMAZON.COM the owners of the site

Byfield, Massachusetts, United States #167168

yes i was wondering about this company, they say they have films in production, its been 3 years now and no film. i guess i should have know what i was getting into byt the title alone, *** me

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